Glow Worm provides children's entertainment and glow-in-the-dark parties for all ages and occasions in Auckland, New Zealand. We also decorate large events and run art workshops that glow-in-the-dark.

Are you planning a party or event and stuck for ideas?...Then call Glow Worm and relax!

What we do for Parties
We come to your house or venue and decorate it all for you, we find children love to help too. We bring along lots of toys and dress-up stuff so everyone can glow in the dark & have fun. We play games with the children or just stick around to join in the fun.

Everyone enjoys Glow Worm glow-in-the-dark parties, from toddlers to grannies!

We charge $300 for the night and bring along lots of extras like glowing bracelets for everyone and provide you with free party invitations to send out to all your friends.

For a little extra (you set the budget) we can provide glowing goodie bags and give a special present to the birthday girl or boy. We can provide a mirror ball and colourful disco light as well as glowing cups & straws for your drinks.

Anything to make life easier for you - all you have to do is provide the music & food & have fun!

What we do for Events
For larger events we will quote to your specifications. We can decorate almost any space and run workshops for large numbers (100s) of children and adults.

Talk to us if you'd like a particular theme, we can create glowing decor specifically for you.

Contact us now to secure your booking on or call 09 816 8337

Recent events we have been involved with include:
Storyfest 2010, SPLORE festival 2010, Storyfest 2009, Childrens Art Festival Waitakere 2009.

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